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Christmas Contest

We decided to take up the education challenge, give a voice to young people, and generate light with creativity. Thus, the Christmas Contest was born!

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Over the centuries, all peoples have developed their own musical Christmas traditions, and their own songs inspired by Christmas, the mystery from which the Christian faith originates.

To continue nourishing this treasure, the Christmas Contest was born, an event that aims to stimulating young people to create original tunes to be added to classic Christmas songs known all over the world; from classical to jazz, to rock, gospel, reggae and also rap: the important thing is to communicate, no matter the musical genre!

The young competitors will be invited to produce unreleased songs and tunes inspired by life, love, peace and light, thus expressing, through their art, the traditional values ​​of Christmas.

The key words at the heart of this event are partnership and healthy creativity: the main theme of the format is Christmas, so there will be no competition, but a fusion of different tunes, styles and musical genres linked to new generations into whose hands lie the future of the planet.


How to participate in the contest

If you are a singer or part of a band and you are between 16 and 35 years old, you can participate in the Christmas Contest!
Sign up and try to win the chance to be part of the cast of the 32nd edition of the Concerto di Natale.

Registrations, by filling in and sending the required materials online, will take place starting from 12:00 am on the 3rd of December 2023 until 12:00 am on the 30th of June 2024 (Italian time). Registrations carried out after this deadline will not be taken into consideration.


The Jury will be made up by 5 well-known celebrities, with proven credibility in the music and /or the entertainment fields. a maestro, a connoisseur of contemporary music history, a personality from the entertainment world and a radio critic. The jury will have to express their judgment not only on the technical and musical skills of the contestant, but also in terms of "empathy" with the contestants and their story with a constructive and not a destructive attitude.

The jury

Among all those who have registered for the Contest, the jury will select at least 16 artists. The 16 contestants will be contacted by production and will move on to the live auditions in full compliance with the anti-COVID 19 regulations.

Selections and auditions

The 16 selected artists will be divided in two groups of 16. From the two groups the Jury will select 8 finalists who will perform at the final evening show during which 3 winners will be selected. 
From the 16 selected contestants who will participate in the semi-finals, the Jury will indicated 8 finalists. The 8 finalists will participate in the final evening from which 3 winners will be selected.

Semifinals and finals

The 3 winners of the Contest, for each of the three categories:
Best Lyrics
Best Music
Best Interpretation
Will have the right to participate in the CHRISTMAS CONCERT XXXII° edition -produced by Prime Time Promotions.


We have foreseen the production of a record or the creation of a playlist with the songs performed by the 8 finalists. Part of the proceeds will go to support the Fondazione Pontificia Gravissimum Educationis' solidarity project.