Over the centuries, all peoples have developed their own musical Christmas traditions, and their own songs inspired by Christmas, the mystery from which the Christian faith originates.

To continue nourishing this treasure of popular expression, the Christmas Contest was born, an event that aims to stimulating young people to create original tunes to be added to classic Christmas songs known all over the world.

The artistic competition is open to all young people between 16 and 35 years old, Both as authors and composers.

The prizes consist in the sole recognition of personal/artistic merits (excluding any donation of money or tokens), and at the end of the competition 3 (three) winners will be chosen according to the following categories:
- Best Lyrics
- Best music
- Best performance
The 3 winners will have the right to participate, with at least one choral piece to be shared with the other winners, in the 32nd edition of the Concerto di Natale, produced by Prime Time Promotions.

The jury, made up of well-known celebrities, with proven credibility in the music and/or entertainment fields (freely chosen and considered suitable by the Production), based on its unquestionable artistic and editorial evaluations, will choose the candidates and therefore judge their suitability to proceed to the next round; talents will be judged not only on the technical and musical skills of the contestant, but also in terms of "empathy" between the contestants and their story, and the jury members themselves, “permanent judges” of the format.

What are the selection criteria and rounds?
Once registered by submitting the application on the website, the first round begins: the Jury will select at least 16 (sixteen) candidates, that will be contacted by the production, to participate in the next round.

In the second round, the 16 selected contestants will be performing live - at a location chosen by the Production - the original piece presented in the selection phase on a pre-recorded soundtrack. Considering the evaluations in tenths provided during the performances, at the end of the semifinal, the experts will draw up a ranking and select eight performers.
The production reserves the right to replace live auditions with remote auditions or with the jury listening to the recorded musical performances of participants for technical/organizational reasons, following its irrevocable decision. The technical and operational details for both scenarios will be specifically communicated to the participants at a later time.

The final round, the third and last round, will see 8 (eight) finalists competing followed by the award ceremony for the 3 winners of the 3 categories. 
For organizational reasons, the Production reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to replace in-person live performances with one or more remote performance sessions via "live streaming" over the internet, connected with the jury.

All rounds aim to combine talented entertainment with the mission of the format, stimulating creativity, enhancing young people and helping to enrich the already existing Christmas songs repertoire.

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